Improve Adoption of Office 365 and Business Performance with integrated Modern Workplace Learning

SmarterPath boost your existing content from various sources within your Office 365 environment (SharePoint online, Yammer, Teams, Sway, OneNote, Delve etc.) and the impact through additional information and knowledge sharing. Add external content and quizzes to accelerate the effect on your employees competences and thus your business. Assigned users, may it be administrators, L&D experts or dedicated experts, easily create a so called “Path” through knowledge, information, people and functions within your Office 365 environment. SmarterPath therefore is also the tool to enable and onboard your users in Microsoft Office 365, leading to a faster and effective transformation into this new way of working.

Why is SmarterPath different than other learning systems and how does it improve the ROI of Office 365?

SmarterPath generally offers all of the major functionalities other learning systems offer (course design & editing, instructor led training, ability to assign employees to paths, reporting, Scorm etc.), but with way less administrational effort.

Additionally, SmarterPath delivers additional value through, but not limited to, the following business driving characteristics:

First and foremost, it is fully integrated in Microsoft Office 365. Existing content in SharePoint online, Teams, OneNote, Sway, Delve etc. is used to design your individual learning path. If an Office 365 document is edited, it will be therefore refreshed in SmarterPath automatically. From a user experience point of view SmarterPath is fully integrated in the Office 365 world. Users will see the same system behaviour and design they are used to in Office 365. There is no need (as in traditional LMS) to log out and re-adjust to a new system. SmarterPath uses the Office 365 Active Directory; no further adjustments needed. Your learning path can then be shared wherever you want. We have integrations with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to enhance the user experience.

Second, SmarterPath reduces stress and time wasted, driven by the flood of information employees face everyday. Modern workplace learning is pivotal in maximizing your employees’ performance. Existing content can be up-cycled, organized and focused into logical paths for employees to follow and digest, reducing the time they would spend searching for the right information. They will learn directly from the documents that they will be working on. Employees learn faster and more efficiently to increase their competence to support your business processes and goals.

Third, SmarterPath supports the 70:20:10 learning model. 70% of how people learn is through their own experiences, 20% through others and only 10% through structured courses. SmarterPath is designed to support this model and bring your employees into performance. 10% is covered through the structured paths, 20% by the ability to connect with path creators and experts in the company, and 70% by using the actual documents and work environment (Office 365) used to complete tasks while learning. Many studies have shown, that people learn best by doing and working at the same time. On top this reduces time the time unnecessarily spent in traditional training.

Fourth, creating a path is super easy! Path creators can use any available documents, videos or powerpoints in your Office 365 environment, without necessarily needing to create new content. In traditional learning systems organizations report development timeframes between 2-6 month for new learnig courses. SmarterPaths are created within hours. SmarterPath on top is able to enhance the learner as creator experience by giving your employees the chance to spread their knowledge in and through learning paths. Of course, all learner roles in SmarterPath can be set individually.
The use cases for SmarterPath are multiple and creative. Most of our customers use our solution to enhance their onboarding process. Not only to offer structured training like compliance paths within Office 365, but also to guide new employees through their personal journey based on their position and background. SmarterPath also effectively enhances customer service and sales experiences. Use cases to boost the power of the community, like the Working Out Loud method, and others are easily to implement and launch.


Download and install SmarterPath for the opportunity to test it 30 days with up to 25 users.
If you have further questions please contact us at
SmarterPath Teams integration requires a separat package which will be provided uppon request.

Prerequisits to install SmarterPath in your Office 365 environment can be found here:

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