Make your house a home

At Smarter, our stylish range of IoT-enabled smart kitchen appliances delivers practicality and convenience, bringing straightforward features to everyday appliances to make them work for you.

Our mission is to develop the very best technology to create innovative home products that are both practical and convenient. We lead the industry in the provision of seamless integration that is delivered through the Smarter app, a simple platform that provides connectivity between home and lifestyle in a smarter and sustainable way.

Most of our time at home is spent in the kitchen, so why shouldn't it be just as smart as the rest of your home?


About Smarter

We create smart, award-winning devices for the kitchen that are designed to not only look good but to also make life easier. Each of our flagship products is innovative and the best of its kind, paving the way for the future by harnessing the latest technology.


Who is Smarter?

Smarter has swiftly become one of the UK’s fastest growing connected home companies, pioneering the emerging ‘connected kitchen’ lifestyle, creating innovative products that can enhance our everyday lives.

The award-winning London-based company first came to prominence in 2013,with the successful launch of the first ever Wi-Fi-enabled iKettle which went on to become a best-seller.The idea of connected kitchen products was first identified by Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Smarter CEO, Christian Lane.

Christian, an industry leader, recognised a very real purpose for bringing more innovation to the household, particularly in the traditional kitchen setting which was ripe for disruption!

Smarter’s latest ground-breaking range of products, including iKettle (3rd Gen), Smarter Coffee (2nd Gen) and FridgeCam, the world’s first wireless fridge camera, are at the forefront of delivering solutions that can save money, time, energy and food waste in our everyday lives. Smarter’s products are sold in over 3000 stores across the UK, Europe and North America, with retail partners including Curry’s, Amazon and Best Buy.

As the smart home industry continues its rapid rise, so does Smarter, seamlessly connecting all of our Wi-Fi enabled appliances into your smart home and your lifestyle. ‘Everything Works Better Together’.


Our History

Founded in 2013, Smarter has become one of the UK's fastest-growing connected home companies. By pioneering the 'connected kitchen' through a range of innovative products, our London-based company successfully launched the very first Wi-Fi Kettle which later went on to become one of the UK's best-selling smart products. Today, Smarter offers a range of Smart Appliances to connect the entire kitchen.

These include our Smarter Coffee, iKettle, and FridgeCam, the very first product of its kind-a wireless fridge camera that tracks your inventory to help you save time and money

Our products are now sold in over 3,000 stores across the UK, Europe and North America with big-name partners that include Amazon and Curry's.


Awards & Accolades

Smarter has been the recipient of several industry awards. We have been the recipient of several industry awards including winning the Design 100 Awards and CES Innovation Awards in 2017.

As Smarter continues to grow, the company is constantly being recognised as one of the foremost leaders in the industry, the very best at what it does-supplying major manufacturers all over the world with powerful smart products that change the way consumers live and shop, providing them with the opportunity to save time, money and our environment.

Smarter's smart products are the result of our dedication to our mission and you-we listen, innovate, test, improve, and design products that lend improvements to not only your life but the planet, too.